15 series to overcome depression post Stranger Things

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The OA

“The result is a surprising and exciting story, which makes us hope that its wake does not disappear from our screens (…) for too long.” Clark Collis: Entertainment Weekly

Black Mirror

“A fiction that, finally, speaks from the world in which you live (…) The best thing about this perfect mechanism of dramatic watchmaking is the completely serious and plausible treatment of a humorous sketch premise.” Daniel De Partearroyo: Cinemanía


“Still quite confusing, but also visually beautiful and strangely moving, the Wachowski Netflix series continues to shine.” Tim Goodman: The Hollywood Reporter

The Leftovers

“All ‘The Leftovers’ emerges intact as a tribute to the very craft of narrating, of creating, of, why not, loving.” Luis Martínez: Newspaper El Mundo

The Killing

“A real rarity: an adaptation that does not leave you wishing you had seen the original (…) What distinguishes ‘The Killing’ is its constant sense of terror, its dense atmosphere (…) Rating: ★★★★ (out of 4) “Robert Bianco: USA Today


“The main plot of ‘Humans’ (…) is solid, although it is familiar, the truth and beauty of the series lies in the different secondary plots.” Mary McNamara: Los Angeles Times


“At first glance, it is impeccable science fiction in its purest state: that invites reflection on the subject of human nature and technology, and that at the same time is also strange and somber, but certainly interesting.” Hank Stuever: The Washington Post

Wayward Pines

“Everything about ‘Wayward Pines’ is tense and creepy (…) what are undoubtedly some of the strengths of Shyamalan as a filmmaker (…) It seems a series that is worth taking a look.”Brian Lowry: Variety

Hemlock Grove

“‘Hemlock Grove’ is very good, and Famke Janssen comes out, I do not know what else we can want.”


“A fascinating family drama simmered with a magnificent cast, located between a paradise facing the sea and the shady mangroves of the Florida Keys.” David Rooney: The Hollywood Reporter


“Fugit plays Barnes with the desperate desperation of a wounded and hungry animal, with his moving portrayal being the solid center of each episode, ‘Outcast’ quickly mutates from the horror festival to a tragedy about doubt, overcoming and human frailty . “ Melanie McFarland: Variety

Twin Peaks

“Nothing like this had ever been seen in primetime (…) The cast of ‘Twin Peaks’ is wonderfully in tune with Mr. Lynch’s vision (…) An evil twist on the telenovela concept.” John J. O’Connor: The New York Times

The Handmaid’s Tale

“A masterly and disconcerting vision of a not too distant future (…) Moss is a brilliant muse, an incredibly disturbing mix of fury and calm (…) impressively nuanced interpretations” Leah Greenblatt: Entertainment Weekly

Mr. Robot

“It’s not that it’s a good series, it’s that ‘Mr. Robot’ (my God, what title) is a brilliant series (…) that best explains the socio-political reality in which the current western citizen lives. ..) is an incendiary product, pure gasoline if one decides not to stay on the surface. “ Toni García: Jot Down Magazine


“Hawley has become a master chef, you know what to expect when you ask, but he adds unique and surprising personal touches that distinguish his work” Brian Tallerico: rogerebert.com


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