Letter for a sad woman … This letter takes you out of any depression instantly ..

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Are you a sad woman? Well let me tell you that today you should give up that feeling and start smiling, see why:

You are not really a sad woman, you are a woman who has lost the illusions for a long time. You had plans and dreams in your heart and you believed and trusted people who today have let you down or removed that trust or illusion.


Look, I know there are those people who have made you feel that way and who have broken those dreams or life plans that you had, and that somehow have fallen or stopped being as you expected, but you can accept them as such and follow your new path and start from scratch with new illusions and new objectives.

THAT EASY…!!! Really friend, just believe in it, it’s easy and simple, just that you have stopped believing in a new beginning … love life like never before … And you’ll see how you get up … !!!

It is not necessary to continue insisting on something that has not worked, to know how to lose and to realize that you can say … You’re here! And follow a new path will be great for you, because you can play a new game and you can create a new opportunity to be the winner of a new tournament. Be the champion … !!!

Life does not end today, nor ended the day you lost your dreams, just do not give up and start changing everything that has not worked in your life or does not work and realize how your life continues with great strength and spirit .



Your children disappoint you, work with them everything you think you can teach and improve.They will listen to you for sure, just look for the way to do it in peace.

Your work is not what you want, do not leave it, but believe today the illusion in your mind to go out and find something new. Project new goals and feel that although you continue to do the same, at least you are projecting and creating new dreams and life projects. If you create them you will sail with a different force even if you are on the same course, but that force is what will give you the vision of other directions and other horizons.

You are not really a sad woman, but a disoriented woman and an incredible woman who has forgotten how important you are in this world.

I personally know for a fact that women are the most important thing in this world and if I am a man I know it. How are you, as a woman, going to forget about this? Hahahahaha It can not be … !!! Go awake, but if you are the best woman, how are you going to be sad … Ya! Goes! right now, get up and look in the mirror, tell me I love you, look beautiful and go out and eat the world.

Start writing everything you want to change and you will write a new present every day full of hopes and hopes. If you had them before … How can you not have them now?

You have my support, my hand and my words are yours …

Get up…!!! Smile because you are very important … if you are sad I will be sad … So do not turn your back on me … I trusted you … !!!

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