A baby left the depression to meet a dog with the same disease

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Carter fell into sadness when he saw that the first spots of vitiligo appeared on his face until he met Rowdy, a black lab with the same problem.

arter Blanchard, an 8-year-old boy from Arkansas, United States, has a skin condition called vitiligo that plunged him into a deep depression. Since he met Rowdy, a dog with the same disorder that was on the other side of the country, he no longer feels alone.

Vitiligo destroys the cells that produce the pigment in the skin. Carter was diagnosed when he was in the garden and began to lose confidence when the first white “patches” began to appear.

“I was in a very big school with a lot of kids and her face was transformed very fast,” her mother told ABC. “The first thing he told me when he got into the car was that he hated his face and how he looked,” he added.

Life was very difficult for Carter, but help came from the hand of Rowdy, a thirteen-year-old black lab from Oregon, who was diagnosed with Vitiligo the same year as Carter.

Dreams came true tonight !!! ?? Carter and I were finally able to meet in person !! Check out my Facebook Fan Page “White Eyed Rowdy” for news clips from Oregon and Arkansas about our story !!

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When her mother found photos of Rowdy on Facebook, she showed them to her son. “I read that Rowdy had vitiligo and it amazed me, and when I shared it with Carter, I was very excited to see that the dog was famous for his disease,” he revealed.

Carter and his mother contacted the owner of Rowdy and built a friendship at a distance. The relationship became closer when members of the community in which the child and his mother live donated money so that they traveled to meet the dog.

“There was no one to make him feel better, until Rowdy came in. It had to be a dog,” the mother said through tears.

“When we arrived we felt that we had already been there, they were family for us,” he added. “We realized that Rowdy sensed all that energy and received us very well.”

Since they arrived, Carter embraced and pampered Rowdy for two hours and they did not separate during his entire stay. However, the boy jokes that it is not all perfect: “He needs more spots on his back,” he told ABC.


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