Depression and anxiety are signs of struggle, not weakness

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The majority of the human beings in some occasion have had some emotional problem and not by the fact that we have asked for it, simply it is a situation that is developed by some daily problem in the life;Whether it’s money, love, some situation at work or with the family, it does not matter in which circumstance you find yourself.

Being an anxious or depressed person does not mean that you have weak or inferior character, either that you are someone extremely unstable or that you can not perform any action like any normal person, this does not incapacitate you from anything.

Unfortunately, today we still have the false idea that people with these kinds of emotional problems are different, weak and unfit for many types of work or to be in a relationship,perhaps we do not take into account that most of people in life have had difficult times that have led us to develop different types of emotional problems and it is normal because it usually happens to all people at some point in their lives and although this is repeated several times at different times, It makes us a weak or different person.

Sometimes it is good to listen to or read speeches that help overcome depression or anxiety even though we think we do not need them. Maybe at the time it is like this, but perhaps at a crucial moment in our lives even the most usual words of support or motivation, they are usually of great help, for example: “Quiet, everything will pass !, Relax, it’s not that bad, start to wake up, problems are part of life, you have no reason to cry, are ways to mature, “among others.

Do not ignore the pain, assume it!

A phrase so certain that perhaps you have ever told someone or heard from someone, which makes sense and can help us to give value and importance to the situation to which you may not have wanted to give such importance but that if you have it

Emotional pain should not be hidden, as we expose a headache or stomach pain, emotional pain should be assumed and treated.

This type of emotional problems are not solved alone and we should not let time pass thinking that they will be solved, there is always the need for the support of a professional who finds the root of the problem and be able to banish any symptoms generated.

To have an emotionally healthy life we ​​must take into account that situations generate conflict to eradicate them and lead a life without anxiety and without depression.

Anxiety, an ominous trip on a roller coaster

The sensation that we experience when being at the top of a roller coaster, is very similar to the sensations that we suffer with anxiety. They end up making us feel bad.


Suppose we are in an amusement park, where there is a large roller coaster in which we decided to climb, taking into account that there are many factors that will displease us such as waiting for time in line to enter. To make matters worse, the day does not help much because it is very hot and suffocating, very uncomfortable to enjoy, but we still tackle the adventure because that was the decision we had taken from the beginning no matter what feeling provoked us.

At the beginning of the game we feel an acceleration in our heart which can not stop stopping, we look at the sides and we can not stop feeling fear, anguish or excitement, everything that is around us disappears.

The fear is constant, we can not stop breathing fast, we feel that the heart will come out of our chest, we even feel that we are going to die in that roller coaster, we can not control our emotions and without being able to move we only hope that the roller coaster will stop We ask for help to stop this torture that does not leave us in peace, but despite that we are not heard by anyone. And in spite of all that torture and pain we got our car to brake, since the trip would only last a few minutes, it was not forever as we thought.

And so we realize that an anxiety attack is very similar to experiencing a very bad ride on a roller coaster, because we have no idea when our emotions will explode and stabilize, even when everything will return to normal , but also something is true, neither the trip nor the anxiety attack is forever.

Depression, the darkness of the soul

Depression is a feeling of sadness, melancholy and unhappiness from which no one is safe, children, youth and older adults are exposed to suffer it, this causes people to begin to lose interest in all things of life, such as : affective relationships (couple, family or friends), work performance, hobbies, among others.

Depression is a state of mind in which the problems and frustration of daily life interfere, which we give them a lot of courage until they lose patience.

That’s why we must go with a professional to support us and try to avoid these types of problems before it’s too late, most of us have been through this and we know that to let time go by without looking for a solution is just to leave Enveloping us in an evil that hurts us strongly.

No one is free from the clutches of depression and anxiety

Being a person with problems of anxiety or depression does not mean being a weak person but quite the opposite, because it is an accumulation of negative situations that happen throughout life and that have been held back by not being dropped so easily, so that ends up defining itself as strength.

We must think if we want these problems to affect our life or how much we want them to do it, since they are derived from a strong emotional personality that at some point comes to explode and being too late we can not control them.

We are all exposed to this, maybe we have already experienced a situation of this type or maybe not but we are human beings and therefore we must feel emotions, sometimes it is the best thing that will happen to us in life and we must accept our nature and not judge anyone because of their emotional problems.

If you know someone who is going through a bad time, support him, motivate him and encourage him! We all need to feel loved, to feel that we care about someone and to feel that we are not alone.



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