5 Signs You Are Experiencing “Roommate Separation Anxiety”

5 Signs You Are Experiencing “Roommate Separation Anxiety”

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Trust me, it’s a real condition

If you’re lucky, your college roommate may become one of your closest friends. Living side-by-side for four months at a time, you are bound to feel their absence in some way or another over winter break. However, there are a few signs that tell you “missing” them may be a little more serious, a condition referred to as “separation anxiety.”

1. Being alone in your room feels super weird.

Even if you and your roommate sat in silence while you both simultaneously watched different Netflix shows, just having the other person’s presence in the room made a huge difference.

2. You miss always having someone to do things with.

Workout buddy? Roommate. Breakfast date? Roommate. Feel the need to have a spontaneous dance party? Roommate.

3. You miss updating each other on how your day’s went.

Even the most mundane things like what you ate for lunch that day are shared. Now, you are limited to texting and social media to find out what your roommate has been up to over break.

4. Every time something exciting happens, you immediately want to tell them about it.

And then you are reminded that it’s just going to have to wait another four weeks.

5. You are literally counting down the days until you are reunited once again.

4 weeks, seven hours, and 23 minutes!

Don’t worry, your roommate is probably experiencing the same symptoms. Just think how excited you’ll both be once you’re reunited in just a few weeks!


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