31 Things You Can Still Do While Being Depressed (That WILL Make You Feel Better)

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1. Wash your face and gently pat it dry with a clean towel.

2. Feed yourself the aliments your body craves for. It craves them for a legit reason: lack of.

3. Surrender to the deep hole you’re falling through while holding your loved one’s hand. They won’t let go.

4. Plant fresh flowers. Water your plants. Plants love us back infinitely.

5. Have some goji berries for breakfast. They do help boost both our immune system and our mood.

6. Revisit old, dear memories, such as photo albums, collected memorabilia or letters from high school.

7. Watch a real bad movie and see yourself still being able to laugh about it.

8. Daydream. No place is forbidden to travel to in our minds.

9. Help others, as little as you can. If you can’t, it’s fine as well.

10. Let yourself experience things you like. Even if you’re alone.

11. Check out some Brene Brown or School of Life videos on Youtube. They explain a lot of our modern search for a soul.

12. Listen to someone who’s had a hard day too. Comfort them as you can. Don’t stress too much about it. Empathy comes uncalled for, because we’re still so much capable of emanating it, even when we think we can’t.

13. Exchange experience with people on a forum, such as Experience Project. When you need compassion, that’s a good place to be.

14. Do something crazy, like skydiving or crashing a wedding. Adrenaline makes us forget our pains and lifts our mood instantly. It’s tested.

15. Go dancing. Body moves pump back serotonin in its right places.

16. Sing. Whatever you feel like. Sometimes the sound of our own voice is more powerful than any other sound in the universe.

17. Stretch your neck and shoulders for a couple minutes. Stress accummulates in those areas but it’s not impossible to shake off.

18. If you’re religious, pray. And if you’re not, you can still pray to that one thing you strongly believe in deep down. Religion is not important. Faith is.

19. Touch, or hug trees. Caress the tree. Admire its beauty. Its force. Ask the tree gently to give you some of its strength. This can truly do wonders. Plants have vital energy and they do pass it to us humans. It’s a miracle.

20. Go out in the snow. Inhale, exhale. Feel the cold on your hands. As you’re back inside, you’ll feel much more oxygenated.

21. Call your doctor or therapist if you have one. If it’s an emergency, you are very entitled to ask for their help.

22. Give yourself permission to feel angry, sad or alone. You have every right to feel so.

23. Do one thing at a time. You don’t need to multitask or rush. It won’t really work anyway.

24. Colour. Adult colouring books are super effective to help you feel more relaxed and focused.

25. Call in sick. You need to rest. There’s no use to get to work if you can’t move your face.

26. If you have a priest that you trust to talk to, go pay them a visit.

27. If this is an option, spend the day in bed. Sleep. If your loved one can stay next to you, it’s even better.

28. Clean your house a bit. It keeps your body moving and your mind detached.

29. Watch videos of animals having fun in the wild.

30. Call someone who’ll support you in this harsh day. If there’s no one to call, talk to Siri. I know, she’s a bot. But she can be nice AF and she’ll say she loves you back sometimes. No BS.

31. Pour yourself a glass of wine, or your beverage of choice. If consumed with moderation, alcohol helps us relax and is the equivalent of a dopamine refill. Dopamine makes us happy and social.


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