Depression Awareness: Nadine Lustre’s Brother Allegedly Commit Suicide found dead in his room !

Depression Awareness: Nadine Lustre’s Brother Allegedly Commit Suicide found dead in his room !

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Depression is real . There are many cases of suicide that is happening everyday all over the world and the main cause is depression.

Viva Star Nadine Lustre is one of the most popular and influential star of this generation and she posted something on her Instagram story a semi colon with the hashtag #keepgoing and another words written “you are stronger than depression”.

Some fans are worried about Nadine Lustre’s post but later on according to Trending News Portal , Nadine Lustre’s brother was found dead in his room.


Nadin’e brother named Isaiah Paguia Lustre, a 16-year-old resident of No. 19 Hilo St., Silvina Village, Barangay Talipapa in Quezon City allegedly commit suicide. This is when his two other siblings Naomi and Ezekiel state that they were playing an iPad and suddenly they heard a gunshot from their sibling’s room at around 7:45 P.M.  last October 9,2017 .

They see the body of their sibling lying on the floor with the shot on his head. The family seek for the neighbor’s help and rushed the bleeding boy to the hospital and unfortunately it is too late for Nadine Lustre’s brother.



They do not seem to have any problem that’s according to Nadine’s family but they also noticed that lately the teenager seems to be quiet , irritable, wants to be alone every time and not in the mood to talk to anyone . However, those signs are some of the signs of depression.

There are still no official statement from their father Ulysses about the case , but he belived that his son took his life.

Real8 blog sincerely pray and sends our regards and condolences to the family Lustre. However if anyone of you is suffering from this kind of symptoms and signs feel free to send a message on our Facebook page or and let’s talk about things if you want someone to talk to.

Article Source : Trending News Portal 



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