Depression and anxiety are signs of having tried to stay strong for a long time.

Depression and anxiety are signs of having tried to stay strong for a long time.

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The people who know me and live with me, look at me as a strong, optimistic person, always giving encouragement and helping them where possible, but only “I”, I know how I feel inside, sometimes I would like to stay at home lying all the day, if I do nothing, I feel weak, without wanting to live, in those moments I am in depression, but something inside me helps me get up and continue, and the people around me do not even realize that I am like that.

Other times I feel my heart beat fast, I feel a despair, there is nothing to do, but I take a deep breath and try to calm down, because I have anxiety and nobody can see it, nobody should notice that I am anxious. What you just read is a typical case of depression, of course not all cases are the same, there are some very obvious cases of depression and anxiety and in this case it would be easier to help the person overcome it, and get him to go to the doctor .

Some people try to hide the depression or anxiety, in order to avoid being questioned or avoid sermons for their illness, because they feel misunderstood, they think that nobody will ever understand, many times they will say that it is to get attention and believe me it is not Thus, the person in depression should seek medical and psychological help to help him overcome this disease either with pharmacological or psychological treatment.

Depression is a mental disorder that is characterized by a deep sadness, you have no mood at all, low self-esteem, loss of interest in everything, gives them insomnia, have suicidal thoughts, is a disease.

The people who suffer from it are treated as weak people, without character, who do not love themselves, when the reality is that these people are really too strong, they have gone through many unpleasant or negative things in their lives and they constantly have an internal struggle , that sometimes reaches its limit and fall into depression or anxiety, not at all weak people.

There are many factors that can cause depression in people, for example the loss of a job, the death of a loved one, economic problems, which are very common lately, divorce, the change of city and school, the presence of some incurable disease, some medications also cause it, also traumas suffered in childhood that have not yet been overcome.

The symptoms of depression and anxiety vary in each person:

Those that manifest symptoms:

It is very easy to recognize the person in depression when he manifests the symptoms, his physical appearance changes completely, he does not want to get ready, he does not feel like bathing, he loses his appetite, he does not want to go anywhere, nothing motivates him, his only desire is to lie down, does not want to talk to anyone, nobody bothers you, sometimes this can be confused with sadness, but they are totally different things and if these symptoms last for more than a week, do not hesitate to offer your help and make an appointment immediately with the doctor to get out of this depression, because depression is a disease and as such you should take treatment to get out of it, it is important that the person with depression not feel alone, so do not leave her alone, feel accompanied, loved, supported, that way little by little it will leave the depression and will return to feel well and with desire to live, although with this illness it can also relapse, so it is necessary to be aware that The patient should not leave the treatment prematurely and be able to identify the warning signs.

Those who feel the symptoms and do not manifest them :

Believe it or not, there are people who are in severe depression and do not show it, they are people who feel the symptoms, but they minimize them or try to hide them because they do not want help, they become strong, they do not want to give problems, they do not want question them, they do not want someone else to find out about their problems, they do not want sermons, they do not want to go to the doctor, so they try to keep them as much as they can, before others, they will be strong and even with a smile from ear to ear , but inside they feel collapsed, they think again and again how they are going to come out of this alone, what can they do? That is why, although they do not believe it, there are people who can deteriorate and harbor ideas of self destruction, because They feel like this, these people keep their suffering, they do not express it and we all think they are well. Although the symptoms for these people take time to appear, they have to appear, the body is very wise and it will let us know that something is wrong and that is when we will have the opportunity to help.

Some people with depression, do not accept their illness, do not have the strength or will to ask for help, so if a family member, friend, coworker has depression do not hesitate to help, make an appointment with the doctor to receive the appropriate treatment , accompany him, do not leave him alone, let him know that there is someone who loves him and cares for him and if his symptoms start looking for help, speak, express, communicate, do not keep things, do not feel ashamed to ask for help, no one will make fun of what you feel, but it is better to seek help in time, before the disease continues to advance, do not become strong, you need help, if you are well, others will also be well and you can help them, So I encourage life is very beautiful, we take care of our health both physically and mentally, so we can give the best of ourselves to all the people around us and those we love the most and we want to be our own family, for that it is essential take care of yourself and recover, Depression and anxiety are signs of having tried to stay strong for a long time.


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